Friday, November 15, 2013

Sixth Senatorial Caucus - This Saturday / Post Election Wrap-Up

Sixth Senatorial District Caucus - This Saturday

If you are a resident of the 6th State Senate District, currently represented by Lt. Governor-elect Sen. Ralph Northam, there will be a nominating caucus held this Saturday to nominate the candidate for the special election to replace him. Running for the nomination are Del. Lynwood Lewisformer Del. Paula Miller and Andria McClellan

WHEN: Between 10 AM and 2 PM, this Saturday.
If Norfolk Resident of Sixth District
Granby High School
7101 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA

If Virginia Beach Resident of Sixth District

Bayside Baptist Church
1920 Pleasure House Road
Virginia Beach, VA


For the first time in over 40 years, Democrats hold both Senate seats, plus the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General's offices in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We cannot thank you enough for your efforts, HRYD members, in helping us achieve this goal. We especially would like to thank the countless campaign staffers and volunteers who pledged their time and efforts to helping our party achieve a clean sweep this year.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the efforts of all the candidates who ran across the region. We lost some tough races on Election Day but we produced some of the best candidates Hampton Roads Democrats have ever seen. HRYD thanks all the candidates we worked with over the course of 2013 and we hope that all of you stay involved in growing our party here in Tidewater.

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